Everything I love.

1) The mountains. The hills. Any hills. Going to a place only to discover a new place, a new hill, a new picnic spot, a new river, a new tree. Bonus points if I get to take someone and make them discover beauty in the most underrated places.

New place I discovered in 2018, behind the bungalow in Panchgani. We went further enough to see a new lake, a whole vision that was breathtakingly beautiful. Purple and white wild flowers, green anywhere the eyes placed their gaze.

2) Taking a new picture of someone for them to look back at and be happy at their existence.

3) Photography, of the most mundane objects. I ‘focus’ on something other than me, and see beauty in the most raw forms.

4) Holding animals, any animal. Becoming life long friends.

The most adorable pup I found in Sentosa, Singapore. All the love to him.

5) Writing, because it’s better to have an actual diary than a human diary. 🌸

A dear friend gifted this diary to me at a time where I couldn’t need it more. I remember her everytime I see it. 💙

6) Hard cover books with actual photographs in them. Digital will never be the same.

7) Did I mention wildflowers? I love love love wildflowers.


8) Climbing trees. Nuff’ said. I cannot explain to you why I love that.

9) Christmas lights. Obsessed. Need I say more?

Lebanon, November’18

Hello, world!

Hi! My name is Atiya Tariq, and I manage to (sometimes) keep my sanity through words. Anne Frank, my inspiration, did say paper is more patient than people, and I wholeheartedly believe in taking due advantage of that.

My posts are centered around my life, my observations, the deep thinking hole I plunge into all the time, and any social issue that I’m currently obsessed with, all mainly within South Asian culture.

I happen to be a woman, a Muslim born in India, raised in Dubai and currently, shuttle between the both of them. Basically, identity crisis is my middle name.

Before reading my blog, here’s a few things I feel the need to clarify although I have absolutely no reason to other than my own insecurities-:

1) What I write about might be someone else’s experience, something I’ve only observed, something that I’ve only read about, or something that I’ve only wondered about. Sometimes, I will be specific, but more often than not, I will not be.

2) Just because I sometimes write about sad things, does not mean I’m sad. Writing is my way is putting out more thought and empathy in the world. Sad people don’t often do that.

3) I don’t mean to offend anyone. Everything is a learning curve. Maybe feeling personally attacked through someone’s blog can be your learning curve.

4) This blog is less about me as a person, and more about what I want to put out in the world. I’d love it if you saw it that way too!

5) Sometimes, I write about sensitive topics such as feminism, South Asian aunty culture, body dysmorphia, religion. My intention is only to try to shift someone’s perspective, change their thought process, see things with a new light. Brushing off my concern for the world and the empathy I have for different people by calling me a Social Justice Warrior will say more about you, than me.

If you find me interesting, do delve into my mind. I promise, you won’t be bored. Healthy debate is encouraged, hateful comments will be blocked, and if you too happen to read, link your website! We can be friends.🌻